The Brief

Work.It.Mama had a basic website, but wanted it redesigned to reduce the amount of content on the homepage, whilst still advertising the key benefits and features of the service.

They also wanted the ability to book classes through the site, making it easier to acquire and retain customers.

The Work

I started with a design meeting with the client, to discuss which aspects of the website were currently working and which needed a redesign. After deciding on colour schemes and fonts,  a design was built to give visitors a positive first impression as well as an understanding of the key features and benefits of the service.

To reduce the amount of text that customers needed to go through, I used focus cards with a link to more detail on each class. This means that customers can go straight to the classes that they are most interested in.

A 2 x 2 grid showing the key benefits of the classes was added, taking up only a small amount of screen space, making it easy for visitors to browse through quickly. We’re all in a rush after all!

The FAQs from the existing website were re-used, but put into an accordion so that the answers display on click. This makes it much quicker for customers to browse through and find the answers they are looking for.

Finally, the star of the show was added: a booking system, making it easy for customers to book classes online and drastically reducing the amount of time spent on chasing payments and manually booking visitors into classes.

The Results

Soon after launch, customers were using the website to book themselves onto classes and manage their appointments themselves. The client has saved a considerable amount of time each week on chasing up payments and manually booking people into classes. This has allowed her to add new classes into her offering.

Check out the site below, and if you’re a mum-to-be, or a new mum in the Hull and East Riding area, give yourself a fitness boost and book a class!