The Brief

London North Studios is a premium film and TV studio available to hire in North London.

The owners required a site with a modern, sleek look to appeal to their target audience. It was important that the site told visitors about the features of the film studios, and made it easy for them to contact the owners.

The Work

Following a design meeting with the digital strategist, a wireframe was created using a bold colour scheme of dark navy blue, teal and turquoise to capture the attention of the viewers. The contrasting colours are great for accessibility, and make the text easy to read: great for user experience!

It was important for the client to keep the site as minimalistic as possible and contained to one page. To assist with the navigation, I added link buttons to take users to the most important sections: the studio features and contact form.

Users can scroll through a brief list of features on each studio, with each one containing a link to the contact form. This makes it super easy for users to get in touch with the studio, and really helps their conversions.

A  gallery was added towards the bottom of the page, allowing visitors to view images of the site without needing to continue to scroll. The change in pattern helps keep the visitor engaged in the content, and stops them from abandoning the page before they reach the all important contact form.

The Results

Now live, the website is capturing leads for filming in London.

Check it out, and if you think this style might suit your business, get in touch today and have something designed that is equally as eye-catching.

London North Studios