Website Audit

Get the insights you need to make valuable improvements and skyrocket the performance of your website.

Get your website checked against hundreds of performance criteria and find out how well it works. Think of it as taking a look under the hood and checking out the state of the engine.

Who is it for?

This is for any website owner who wants a more in-depth understanding of their website's performance.

Whether your website is brand new or a few years old, you may have questions about whether it is reaching its full potential.

The website audit will answer those questions for you, and help you to make improvements that will increase the revenue generated by your site.

More Visitors

More Leads

More Sales

By checking your website for key performance errors and presenting them in an easy-to-use report, you will understand exactly what you need to improve to maximise your website’s performance.

Why get an audit?

Understanding the key aspects of your website's construction, content and design will allow you to make improvements.

And not just visual improvements. Tangible changes that will have a measurable impact on the number of visitors, leads and sales.

Digital Marketers at a Laptop

I'm not technical enough

Your report will be given to you in an incredibly simple format, that even your Grandma would understand.

Each key performance factor is given a Red, Amber, Green score so you know straight away what needs attention. With an impact rating for each factor you'll also know which ones should have your attention first.

But if you're really not comfortable with completing the work, you'll get access to discounted rates to have any fixes implemented for you.


Check how well your website has been put together by inspecting the code and running tests to ensure it all runs as smooth as it can.


Check all of the stuff you can see on the page, to ensure that it is well-structured, and appeals directly to your target audience.


Check that the design of your website allows users to interact with it easily, and complete the actions you want them to take.

The leads we have generated at the moment should equate to about £20,000 of new revenue.

Rachel Parker - Director, DT Services Ltd.



Some companies do offer website audits for free.

But no business survives by giving stuff away. You can almost guarantee that they'll find something wrong, and then make a pitch to fix it for you.

Charging a small fee covers my time, so I can give you a completely transparent report. And hey, if you ask me to do the work for you then great! I'll even give you a preferential hourly rate.

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